JT Barse   

JT Barse
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Business Philosophy
Our environment is ever-evolving. Whether it be our physical state or the business climate, surrounding conditions and circumstances affect our growth and development. JT thrives on the observation of that evolution. His keen sense of evaluating the atmosphere is a valuable asset to the NorthPointe offering.

JT's scope of experience ranges from project development to market research to property management and has been utilized for profit, non-profit, and government projects. His superior IT capabilities keep NorthPointe Group's offering on the leading edge of technology. JT currently works on NorthPointe's active Over-the-Rhine developments, leads our property management team, and continues to facilitate NPG DataQuest's technology and data offerings.

Born and raised in Washington DC, JT has always been fascinated with the hub of the city. As a child, he and his parents would take the Metro downtown and walk around like tourists, marveling at the beauty of the built environment. His passion for urban spaces continued in high school with he and his friends taking mountain biking treks through the concrete jungle. Miami University, where he graduated, brought him to the Midwest. While living four years in the rural surrounds of Oxford, a weekly class trip to Over-The-Rhine reignited his passion for the urban lifestyle. Looking under the surface, he views the structures of the neighborhood as pieces of history waiting to be brought back to life. JT chose to reside in this revitalizing neighborhood and enjoy the surrounding treasures including walking and shopping at Findlay Market and running the hills of Mt. Adams, plus working in the Central Business District. His love of the city can be seen in all his personal and professional endeavors.